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League of Angels Description

Whether you roam this fantasy world just to help the angels gain back what’s rightfully theirs or to fight against other players in action-packed PvP battles, you will have to level up your hero in this browser game in order to be victorious.


Back when they still had full access to their powers, angels ruled the mythical lands of Etheria. These divine beings had offered their protection to the human population in return for their unwavering consecration. Everything seemed to be going well, up until the point the dark forces stole the one thing the angels needed to be powerful: the Seal of Life. With their magical abilities ripped from them, they had no choice but to ask mere mortals for help. Will an army of human champions and ethereal angels be strong enough to fight off all evil creatures standing in their way? Only if you lead them into battle. Singlehandedly saving the League of Angels will not only turn you into the most legendary Warrior or Mage anyone has ever seen, but also reward you with unspeakable treasure.

Roleplaying games usually allow you to create one character, gather experience points by either completing tasks or defeating enemy monsters, and spend attribute points after leveling up. Although it also falls under the MMORPG category, League of Angels tries to mix things up a little bit and innovate the genre by introducing so-called Holistic Leveling. Here, you control both a human character and an angel companion - but instead of simply having a pet that fights for you, you can customize its skills, talents and abilities to fit your play style.

While player-versus-environment content (such as mounts, quests and dungeons) is still a huge part of this free-to-play game, League of Angels offers plenty of player-versus-player options as well. You can even play against heroes from other realms, so there’s no excuse for your friends to decline your challenge! These cross-server fights take place in secluded battlegrounds, giving you enough room to work on a thought-out strategy. The following challenges are currently available: 3vs3, 5vs5, 10vs10 in either the Arena, the King of the Hill or the Capture the Flag game mode.

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